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Simpler shifter mod "bushing"

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Insted of a bushing I used one nut and washer where the bolt goes into the floor and one nut and washer against the shifter bracket. Infinitly variable stacking washers or cutting bushings to the right sze.


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The space was exactly 1 & 1/16 tall before my Sector111 shifter mod, and afterward it was about a 64th under an inch. I went to Lowes and purchased a metal cylinder, 5 super-hard bushings that slid snugly inside, a longer bolt, a flat swasher and a lock washer. I ended up not needing the lock washer, I just used some blue loctite. In the end, you can probably do it a million ways and it'll work. I certainly noticed a difference :).

The parts:

The finished product:
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