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I have a Federal Elise with the Blaupunkt MP54. As it's a US version of the radio, then it only tunes FM channels ending in an odd number (.1, .3, etc). However, where I live, nearly all radio stations end in an even number (.2, .4, etc).

I asked on the forum before, and apparently there's no way to put the MP54 in Euro-mode so it can tune stations ending in even numbers (some other Blaupunkt models have this option, just not the MP54). So I guess my only option if I want to listen to the radio is have it replaced.

Obviously there has been lots of discussion on this forum about what to replace the stock radio with, however I'm not sure if the various models mentioned are available where I am (I suppose I could have one shipped from the US though) or if they have the FM radio tuning options I need.

Otherwise, the MP54 is generally fine for my needs. It has a CD player and the built-in amp is OK (I guess it could be a bit more). I have stock speakers, though I may look into drop-in replacements. I'm not interested in heavy modifications like mounting an amp or subwoofer in the cabin.

Here's an example of the head units I can easily buy where I am:
AUTO SOUND ateljee (12.5 EEK = 1 USD)

Any suggestions?
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