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Sluggish Acceleration/BG BK44 Additive?

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Last night, seemed my car felt 'sluggish'

'08 SC (Factory) with 35K miles. Granted, it was hot (close to 90) and very humid. Just felt like the torque, particularly in the lower rev range of 1-4 gears just wasn't humming.

Any suggestions? Not a lot on LT about it. I'm going to throw my OBD on it in a bit to see if anything comes up (no CELs).

Also, I've read about BG BK44 additive (injector cleaner). Seems to get great reviews. Has anyone used it? Any thoughts? For some, they put in in and then the exhaust belches black smoke (getting rid of all of that carbon clogging up the injectors/rail).

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Techron. The only decent additive/cleaner imo.
Also possible that you are becoming accustomed to your s/c, and now the real additive that is indicated is a REV400.
I can't speak directly to the additive you mentioned, but on my previous cars (not the Lotus) I've had very good things to say about a product called Seafoam.

How To Use Sea Foam: 4 Cycle Engines - Sea Foam Sales Company
I'm a fan of Techron as well.

Try to use top tier gasolines:

Top Tier Gasoline

I also recommend getting a baseline time for your car's acceleration.

That way, you can tell if it's "feel" or "real".

I use 3rd gear from, in my case, 3500 to red light.

Can't introduce a variable such as a shift.

Don't want to get to crazy speeds on my test road.

So, seemed like a good choice.
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its much cooler today, have you driven it to see if the problem 'fixed itself'?
Techron is an excellent product.

BG44K is also a very excellent product. I can personally testify as to it's quality. I have used it in several vehicles from a mildly built Ford 351W to my Briggs/Stratton powered push mower that I was foolish enough to leave fuel in for the winter. It would never idle right and RPM's fluctuated constantly until I ran a small amount of 44K through it.

BG44K does as it claims, and honestly, IMO, is a superior product to it should be for over twice the price.

Note- It's ultimately your choice to use what you see best, and I cannot be held liable for your choice to use or not use this product. This is the opinion of mine personally, and not of Gator Motorsport. Gator is not a BG dealer and has no personal vested interest in you using the product one way or the other.

The three additives I believe work as advertised are in no particular order.

Last but most important, make sure there is nothing WRONG with the car. These aren't the magic in a bottle some people claim them to be. They will do as advertised but they can't fix a failed part.

Best of luck to you!
DW - Gator Motorsport Parts
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Another huge vote for BG44K ... it works amazing and always helps restore throttle response and some fuel efficiency. However your issues sounds more like heat soak potentially ... my 08 S240 felt the same before I upgraded the intercooler and added supplemental cooling on very hot days.

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