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Techron is an excellent product.

BG44K is also a very excellent product. I can personally testify as to it's quality. I have used it in several vehicles from a mildly built Ford 351W to my Briggs/Stratton powered push mower that I was foolish enough to leave fuel in for the winter. It would never idle right and RPM's fluctuated constantly until I ran a small amount of 44K through it.

BG44K does as it claims, and honestly, IMO, is a superior product to it should be for over twice the price.

Note- It's ultimately your choice to use what you see best, and I cannot be held liable for your choice to use or not use this product. This is the opinion of mine personally, and not of Gator Motorsport. Gator is not a BG dealer and has no personal vested interest in you using the product one way or the other.

The three additives I believe work as advertised are in no particular order.

Last but most important, make sure there is nothing WRONG with the car. These aren't the magic in a bottle some people claim them to be. They will do as advertised but they can't fix a failed part.

Best of luck to you!
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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