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Small Crack

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So, as the title mentions, I have a small crack in my rear clam behind the wheel, close to the bottom. I know that the correct fix for this is to take it to the body shop and have the entire clam repainted, yadda, yadda. I hate to do that for a crack of this size though. It's only a couple inches long, tops, and not really visible unless you're looking for it.

Does anyone know if I can just pull the crack open, fill in the void with resin, clamp it together and let it dry? Do I need to drill the end of the crack to keep it from spreading? I'd feel really stupid spending 5 grand on this.



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E Swift: By adding resin, I can at least force the crack closed and even as much as possible, making it just about disappear. I have a feeling no legitimate repair will be forthcoming unless something else happens to the clam. You think drilling would be enough to stop the spread? How big a hole would I need to drill?

Chotto: Your advice is the exact opposite :) Hmm...
By the way, the marks are dirt. The specks are pockmarks from rocks. This car has seen a fair bit of use.
Okay, thanks for your help. I just drilled it using a 5/32" SAE bit. I had to do it from the front, there would be no rear access to the crack even if I take the clam off the car. I overshot the end of the crack by just a bit to compensate.

I'll epoxy it tomorrow when stores are open (it's Canada Day today). I will probably bondo the hole I drilled - I don't see why not at that size - and touch it up with good old DupliColor touch up paint.

There's no way I was going to pay even so much as an insurance deductible for this. You've helped a bunch. Thanks.
I'll order the touch up paint from the local dealer. Thanks. I'll post pictures of the result.

This crack is the result of my own dumbass mistake, and the ease with which it happened proved to me that the only way you can be anal about the condition of the fiberglass is if you keep the car in a showroom. I'm surprised I haven't done more damage to date. The rest of the car is pretty much flawless other than being peppered with stone chips.

Someone should develop a polyurethane clam.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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