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So anybody here going to Nationals?

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Who here is into Solo2?

Who plans to autocross their Elise?

Anybody, besides Randy and me, going to Nationals this year?

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BTW - I'm running B-Prepared in a Mazda RX-7 Turbo.

I'm skipping the Pro since I can't possibly win with Chris Cox having got 2 wins already this year and only 2 drivers in class...

BP runs Thursday-Friday.
At least I will be driving a Toyota powered, light weight, midengined roadster. :) But your car looks like a lot of fun.

I will be there from Friday until Thursday morning for the ProSolo Finale and Nats on Tue/Wed.
Can you recommend someplace to stay?

I stayed at the Candlewood last year. It was fine, but thought I'd explore my options...
I was in Candlewood two years ago. I liked having that little store inside. Missed having the cooked to order breakfasts. So I went back to the Clubhouse Inn.

Arrival Date: 09/05/2003
Departure Date: 09/11/2003
Room Type: Newly renovated oversized guestroom with one queen bed and
a sofa sleeper features beautiful furnishings and design. This room is
complete with a well-lit work desk, dataport, and voicemail. Every
morning enjoy our free hot breakfast buffet and our evening manager's
reception hosted Monday thru Saturday in our Club Lounge. We also
provide free local calls and long distance access, in-room coffee,
hairdryer, iron and full-size board, alarm clock/radio and key card
Nightly Rate: 69.00 USD

Please contact our reservations team directly at 1-800-CLUB-INN should
you have any further questions, or visit our website at
One nice touch, they grill a Kansas steak dinner on Tuesday nights. You give the front desk $10 or so, and they give you a ticket. It's damn good. The breakfasts are very good too and early enough that they work with your schedule.
Are you kidding? I love autocross.

My next car will be autocrossed, whether it's an Elise or something else.

Unfortunately I'm not going to Topeka this year. Instead I'm taking a vacation with the S.O., who is returning from a year in France. Besides, I'm still not quite "there" in terms of driving skill. Maybe next year...
I always recommend to people to not consider their personal competitiveness as a big factor when going.

There are many other reasons to go to the big show. Trophying is just one of them, and for most people, even if they are good, going for the first time is difficult because it is so large and there is so much to take in.

See you next year John. Maybe there will be an Elise class. :)
Randy Chase said:
Maybe there will be an Elise class. :)
Hey Randy, want a co-driver?

Based on Randy's history, I figure his car will have top-dollar shocks, light weight wheels with Hoosiers and the world's lightest Elise exhaust system :)

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I know, and I would probably go this year if not for the timing.

Robert, do you get stuck with the extra ballast this year, or is that next year?
There are two proposals out for member comment regarding minimum weights in BP.

#1. Add 300 lbs. to the RX-7 Turbo
#2. Remove 100 lbs. from all Corvettes

I think the first is very unlikely to pass.
I think the second is pretty much a sure thing.

Write the SEB and tell them how crazy it is to increase a car's minimum weight by nearly 15%.

The sad thing is that the BP Corvettes at Nat's the last two years haven't even beaten BSP on raw times. I think it's a preparation/driver issue for the Vettes, not that the RX-7 is too fast. And killing off the RX-7 will only mean it's time to build a 944 Turbo. It's the same minimum weight as the RX-7 is now, and it's capable of even more power and torque.
I'll be there in STX with the wagon. Leaving for the Peru Pro tomorrow... if I win, I'm headed to the ProFinale, if not, I get to save some money since I run Thurs/Fri.

(The wagon is behaving much nicer this year compared to last year. I'm actually 'almost' keeping up with Shenenfield in STS)

I really cannot wait for this car to get here already. The dealer local to me in Bah-stin isn't taking deposits yet, but will contact the list he's had since the car was introduced in the UK. I'm #25 on that 'list'. But if it's been around for years, who knows.

The Elise will be an auto-x car. You bet. Stock for 1st year. ;)

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