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So tell me, how can you top 10 waitlisters not be in therapy?

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I've only been studying up on the Elise for a relatively short time and only recently joined the list of hopefuls, and I'm already all twisted up in a knot. I can't imagine how you top ten wait list people are coping. . . I would have sought therapy by now.

The more I learn, the more I geek out. For me, beyond the basic specs, the most notable items are:

1. A factory tuned suspension for DOT R compound tires. This is huge. Few cars come to mind that have been tuned to this level: the BMW M3 CSL, arguably the Evo, and a handful of exotics?

2. Roll bar that appears to be robust enough to serve its intended purpose, permitting (safely) fitting of full-on race harnesses (which really shouldn't be used in most street cars w/o use of a full cage, or at least rear roll bar).

3. Mounting points for harness bar.

4. Track ready, or near track ready performance, right off the showroom floor (although I doubt stock pads can handle 100 degree + track temps that we see in these parts).

5. Cornerweighted from the factory.

6. Optimal handling with minimal front camber: 0 to 1 degree negative. This is a breath of fresh air from dealing with McPherson strut cars, which need quite a bit more camber for sticky tires on the track. . . moderate negative camber = better braking and far better wet weather traction, not to mention better front tire wear on the street.

7. Factory oil coolers.

8. Factory-designed stone chip protection for better-than aftermarket fit (I'm making an educated guess here).

These are all some of the subtle things that you really can't derive from the mags, but totally have me geeked out.

I can't wait to get this machine on the track.

And, I have a question.

It is possible to have the touring and sport packages, correct? This would mean I could get a BRG car, with Biscuit leather, along with all the handling benefits of LSS.
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Very good!

On another note, it doesn't appear the harness fitment was as simple as I had thought. From another thread:

"The seat belt mounts on the Elise meet the legal requirements for strength and as such are judged to be satisfactory. We supply kits to fit four point harnesses to all of our Elise based cars and these have also been tested and approved for use on the road by the relevant authorities. We cannot recommend using any other harness or mounting arrangement as we have not tested it and cannot state that it will meet the legal requirements or that it will offer adequate protection in the event of an accident. We specifically DO NOT recommend retaining the three point harness when fitting a four point system as we have seen examples of belt mounting failures on non-Lotus approved installations where the additional torque applied to the mount in impact as a result of the greater mount offset resulted in a direct stress failure. To achieve a safe installation all but the tallest drivers will need to fit seats with harness slots to get an acceptable belt run over the shoulders, in most cases the wider "wings" on these seats then prevent a three point harness sitting correctly across the torso. A badly fitting seat belt is potentially lethal, so don't take chances."

Oh well. I'm still excited. :)
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