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Official Date: June 28th (Sunday) - Orange County/Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley etc.

***See update*** Restaurant has changed to BJ's. It's in the same shopping center. Lucille's at the last minute was unwilling to accomodate us with any group incentives. BJ's offered sampler platters for our entire group.

Date: June 28th (Sunday) @ 11am

Location: BJ's Bar and Grill

BJ's Restaurants
4585 Chino Hills Parkway
Chino Hills, CA 91709

The meet will consist of: all of us gathering together for lunch, a drive up to Glendora Mountain Road (GMR) and later conclude with us talking about how sensational our Lotus is......:p .....well you get the idea~!

If you own a Lotus, you should attend to this even if you can't bring your car. Feel free to add yourself to the list if I have not included you on there already. I also added those who expressed interest to this meet. Just copy and paste like what we did on those Vehicle Registry threads.

01. Trendy Exige
02. Plastique999
03. Good2Go
04. LouieLaguna
05. Xziteme
06. Esoteric
07. Rob T
08. KnuckleHead
09. apk919
10. LotusElise7
11. Randy Chase
12. MikeHall
13. blankdan
14. Scorp965
15. Kaz +1
16. SleeprFocus
17. JamnCali
18. RuggedBert
19. Blankdan
20. PatrickShim
21. Murix
22. Ichibanset +1
23. Mdweaver
24. Agirls +1
25. jlotusd
26. gmendoza
27. Sh4rkattk
28. Julio
29. LotusEnvee (maybe)
30. Jorgeassoc (maybe)
31. EvilLeprechaun (maybe)
32. N-522322 (maybe)
33. Shay2nak (maybe)
34. Flowerpower (maybe)

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FINALLY Andy!!!!!! I was wondering when we would meet up again.

Please don't do the 1st wknd in June - I have a double regional SCCA race.

My suggestion is do a wknd morning, and do a drive up in the Glendora Mtns.

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Sounds fun, always nice to drive some new roads and meet some new people , count me in if the timing is right - so far any weekend in June is good for me

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Sounds good Andy!

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June 21st, does that fit into mostly everyon'es schedule?

Eddie, how does June 21st? Any conflicting schedule with any other event that I may not know about? It is on a Saturday and its on a holiday called "Flag Day."

Does that work for mostly everybody? If so, I'll make that date official.

I know some of you probably prefer Sunday meets but I don't want it to be on the same day as the LA Sunday Drive people. This way, for those that usually attend that drive can show up for this meet.

andy pick a date?

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Yikes your mistake. I meant to say June 20th which ought to be a Saturday.

Does Saturday work for everyone or is Sunday much better despite the fact it conflicts withe the "LA Sunday drive" people that live on the West part of Southern California?

The more people that speak up the better. Even a post with a simple grunt will do rotfl. Let me know and I'll lock the date down.

June 21, 2009 is a Sunday.:cool:

Has the location been decided?

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Saturday sounds good. Where are you thinking about for a location?
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