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It’s not do you think people will, but do people stop you to look at your car, do people pull out their cameras and take a pic of your car.
And that highlights what I feel is the challenge of C&C. In my mind the show is all about diversity both new and old. My arctic silver 05 Elise gets plenty of thumbs up around town and pics of it taken at C&C. But if another couple of Elise or Exiges make the show my car tends to blend in (which is why I choose arctic silver in the first place).

Same applies to the 64 Morris Mini Cooper I drove to the show yesterday. On it's own many people take a moment to look it over and several did yesterday from what I saw. But if I rolled in with the local Mini club it would be Mini overload and become a blur. Too many of any one type of car (from Ferrari's to Mustangs) is not good for the show and that will always be a problem. I'm just thankful C&C is still with us and I know there will always be at least a few cars of interest to me on display.

Where else are you going to see a Porsche 917 in the flesh on a Saturday morning?

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