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SoCal karting event May 9th at the new K1 in Torrance

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SoCal karting event May 9th at the new K1 in Torrance 1:30

Wheel to wheel racing against other Lotus drivers without the worries of loosing a clam. May 9th at 1:30

We're breaking in the NEW K1 speed indoor karting facility.

K1 Speed Torrance
19038 S Vermont Ave
Gardena, CA 90248
Phone: (310) 532-2478

Cost will be $55 for an action packed grand prix style race. No membership is needed for this event (a $5.95 savings). The grand prix race will consist of three races. A 12 lap practice, A 14 lap qualifying and 16 lap finals. There will be no elimination so everyone slow or fast will drive three races. Trophies will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Trophies WILL be given for each group, so if we have three groups of 10 drivers. Each group in the finals will receive three trophies.

Practice lap - get to know the track
Qualifying - Best single lap times will determine which group you'll be in.
Finals Race - Gridded by fastest lap times. Winner is whoever finishes first.

Please sign up here: ** I might have to make a cut off at 40 drivers so sign up now.**

1. Plastique999
2. Knucklehead
4. Black Flag
5. Spider
6. Allen S.
7. GMendoza
8. Trend Exige
9. Harix
10. E5PR1T
11.Kaz +2
14.Noah Vail
15 Sunsetronics
16 Tom
17 Aidan
18 Abe (fingers crossed)
19 Murix
20 JlotusD
21 MikeHall
24 Jeff M
25 SteveW
26 Pixel Pusher
27 Andy C.
28 JLotusD's friend
29 BrianK

31 Maagjr
32 Vasracer
33 Hans
34 FluxExigeS
35 AJ
36 Cody


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Doh, you had to pick a day i have a family function....I'll have to wait for payback day another time :evil:

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add two people for me please...and I better not get knocked airborne this time

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Ah chucks! :wallbang: I might be at HQ that week and this would have been perfect seeing that it's just a few minutes from my house :( I'll know more by next week how my schedule looks like...if it's not too late that is.

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How many people can go at once? If everyone shows, it looks like you might have to break it into 2 races. I'm a maybe for 2 people if I feel like making the drive. :p I'll let you know that week.
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