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SoCal (Los Angeles Area) Exhaust Shop?

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Was wondering if anyone could recommend an exhaust shop in the SoCal area? I have a 2bular 4-1 Header -> Sport CAT -> Euro-Exit Exhaust.

I have developed a split top to bottom through my weld that holds the Y-connector together that is in-between the 2 exhaust packs in that design :facepalm. Will try to post a picture later. I want to make sure it is repaired correctly / possibly reinforced. It had to be all the motor movement front to back on the stock mounts that created this. Only possible cause me thinks :shrug: Will have to buy the 2 stiffer mounts to help prevent it in the future.

I am also looking to have a de-cat made up as well since i'm in there that can be mated to the 2bular header flange (V-band) and Euro-exit connection (Slip).

Any good recommendations would be greatly appreciated :bow: I have used the search function in the Intake and Exhausts section with no such luck, So sorry if I may have missed something. :popcorn:

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Go talk to Henio at Discount Muffler Center on Arrow Highway in La Verne, CA. He's been doing my custom stuff for 19 years and always does a great job for a great price. He gets crazy busy though so call ahead to make sure he can take care of you that day. 909-593-8510

Tell him Mark Baughn sent 'ya.
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