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My name is Quinn, but old timers may remember me as Blondie from back when this was EliseTalk (fifteen-odd years ago). I'm back to sell my beloved Eggplant (that name is a long story). Never thought I would, but life circumstances change. This is an honest, unmolested Elise that drives the way Lotus intended.

- 2005 Bordeaux Red Pearl with Sport Pack and Touring Pack (yes, both!)
- Hard top and soft top, with carrying cases
- 43048 miles. Always garaged, always a SoCal car. I'm the only owner.
- Runs and drives absolutely brilliantly. Engine is flawless.
- Passes CA smog with flying colors. Smog and registration are up to date.
- Clean title, in hand
- Zero aftermarket modifications. This car is all original
- Meticulously maintained, including oil changes every 3000 miles
- May build date, so no hexagonal shifter or A/C sensor problems that plagued earlier cars
- Comes with some spare parts and consumables (pictured)
- Always used the Lotus-recommended 5W40 synthetic oil (Amsoil or Mobil 1)
- Maintained by Lotus South Bay, then Lotus Beverly Hills, then Silver Star Lotus, then Lotus Newport, and lately by myself.
- Full records of every wrench, filter, and part that has ever touched it
- Oil was just changed. Brakes have plenty of life. Brake fluid recently flushed.
- Has always had the special Lotus Yoko LTS R-compound tires. Current set have ~20% left.
- New radiator (to fix the seeping end cap issue. TADTS)
- Oil bulkhead fitting recall was performed (see below)
- A/C works great (doesn't freeze up like the earlier 2005s did)

VIN #SCCPC111X5HL33557

Asking $28,000. This is priced to sell quickly.

Fun stuff:

- Integrated V1 radar detector (for.. uh... safety). Easily removed if you don't like it- no permanent modifications were made.

- I replaced the OEM mirror with a small one. The OEM one is included if you want to swap it back

- I made a front license plate holder that screws into the tow hook and doesn't touch bodywork. You can drive with it in place, or installs in seconds when you park in a ticket-happy neighborhood. Also a quick solution when you get a fix-it ticket for having no front plate. Ask me how I know.

- Car came from factory with only the Touring Pack. I had Lotus South Bay add the sport pack afterwards (using all new parts). The VIN will show only Touring pack as a result.

Extras that I'll throw in, if you like:

- Battery Tender with hard-wired quick-release installed on battery.

- Sector111 fire extinguisher. Mounts on the passenger seat bracket. I removed it because, while it looks really cool, it was sorta in the way.

- Portable CoolSuit system (shirt not included, but you wouldn't want it anyway because gross)

The brutal honesty section:

- This car has done about a dozen track days. I've never had an incident on the track, and because Eggplant was a track toy, it has been maintained incredibly religiously. This car is not a garage queen or holy artifact. It has been driven, but always respectfully and responsibly. I've been driving racetracks for 20 years and have never abused a machine.

- Headliner in the hard top was replaced because the OEM glue failed after 12 years (TADTS)

- Front clam was replaced in 2008 by an official Lotus body shop. This was due to colliding with a curb when the chassis bulkhead fitting failed and dumped oil under the left rear tire. (you know, that thing they recalled us all for? This is why).

- Front clam was replaced again in 2012 by an official Lotus body shop, after a real estate agent backed into me in the driveway of a house she was showing me. Yes, really. I opted not to buy a house from her and my insurance company took them to the cleaners.

To be clear, both incidents were very low speed; just enough to crack the clam. Lotus recommends clam replacement and never repair for any damage, so that's what the insurance company did, and the quality of the work is top notch.

- Every few hundred miles or so, the ABS warning light comes on. This is a very-intermittent wheel speed sensor problem that self-clears every time you start the car. The ABS works perfectly, this is just an electrical gremlin that we can't fix until it gets worse and can be identified by the dealer's ABS diagnostic system.

- The steering wheel airbag cover has gotten sticky in that way they do. It will be an easy fix next time it's at the dealer (not bothersome enough to take it in just for that).

Happy to answer any questions. You can email eggplantlotussale @ with any questions. That will be quicker than PMs here. The car is located in Torrance, CA, if you want to come see it. Lots more pictures available. I'll try and post them below.


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Thanks for posting a proper for sale ad. GLWS.

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