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Just wanted to let everyone know this is a great place to buy or sell a Lotus, you can meet the current owner and the seller reaches serious educated buyers. Glad I didn't have to go to EBay..... THANKS !

It's time to sell it.... I'll miss it, but the finances are telling me it's time to lose one of my toys. I know someday I will regret selling it, and will most likely end up with another one ( I'm sure everybody says that but the sad truth is many people never get one again ).

It's located in Saratoga Springs, NY.

List of options:
Saffron yellow w/ black leather
Sport Package
Touring Package
Hard Top w/ unused storage bag
Soft Top unused/unopened
Stage II exhaust
Factory driving lights
Factory Leather center console
Factory leather climate control surround
Lotus logo mats w/factory plain mats unused
Aluminum carpet buttons
Aluminum headlight trim rings
Rear L-O-T-U-S decal replaced with factory euro badge
Focal speakers front and rear
Blaupunkt stereo remote (uninstalled)
Blackwatch key heads (Remote in key head)
Sector 111 harness bar with 4 point Schroth harness (passenger & driver)
Sector 111 black fire extinguisher and mount
Sector 111 micro mirror
Lightweight battery and mount
Lotus valve stem caps
Ipod connection (marginally functional)

This isn't one of those "mystery" cars that you might find at a dealer, I'm the second owner, original owner was "zoomie" from this forum where I found it for sale. We have both taken good care of it. I flew down to SC to see it and ended up driving it home.

I feel it's best to leave things stock, the changes made by the original owner do make the interior feel a bit more finished with the leather climate control surround and the leather center console. And for the purists out there, the added weight of the leather is offset by the lightweight battery.

Everything to put it back to factory condition is included.

Purchased from Elise Talk - link to original ad - so I thought I would try here first to sell it.

It is exactly as I purchased it back in July 07, except it now has 15K miles on it.

Here is a blog post I put together about it last year.

It was just down to RS Motorsports in NJ on May 19th ( Ralph is great, go there for service, really ) he did a 6K service interval on it with Motul synth oil, which includes a test drive and a full once over on the suspension bolts, he said it was a nice tight car and didn't find any problems. You shouldn't need any maintenance done again this year other than oil changes.

At my request Ralph also did an ECU dump, nothing bad there, and only 3 "launches" in it's life, none of them mine - I've included a scan in the pictures below.

This puts in writing that it hasn't been abused at any point during it's life, nothing to hide here.

No track time, as much as it begs for that I didn't have the opportunity. So even though it has racing harnesses and fire extinguisher, they are just for show, and were there when I got it.

I was amazed at the condition when I purchased it, the only thing I have added to it is a under nose scrape, bringing the total to 2, it had one when I picked it up. You will find very few without this and you need to lay on the ground to see it, it's one of those things you need to get a feel for when it will scrape in order to avoid it, so everybody is due at least one :)

The iPod connection still doesn't work all that well.... have been using an FM transmitter.

I had the welds crack on the Stage II exhaust, was re-welded once, then replaced with a Lotus/Janspeed unit under warranty and has been fine since.

The AC was also fixed per the service bulletin relating to the placement of the temp sensor in the condenser causing it to ice up, now it works better than the AC in my Wife's Mini.

I am still amazed at the attention these cars draw, it's a major ego trip to drive it, totally not why I got it, but kind of fun in it's own way.

Asking price is $29,000, if you are looking for an excellent Elise that you won't have to worry about, you will find few '05s in this condition with a good history. The car with all the options added ends up around 52K that the original owner put into it. Retail average condition according to KBB, which doesn't take into account the hard top or the sport and touring options, is $32,000, no idea how realistic this is.

I would rather sell it to someone who has driven one before, go test drive one at a dealer, that way you are ready for it and have proper expectations.

3rd party inspection is available with an offer and a deposit, if the inspection finds problems, the buyer will have the option to bail out. Bear in mind the inspection will take me a day off work and a 300 mile round trip to complete at a certified Lotus shop ( most likely RS Motorsports ) I don't know what the cost would be for the inspection, or when those schedules would line up, so it might take a while, but I'm not it a hurry. I won't have it inspected by a non-Lotus shop since I would be concerned they would damage something in the process, and would have no idea what to look for.

The VIN is SCCPC11135HL35022 if anybody wants to check into it.

It will be locked up in storage waiting for it's next owner please PM if interested - if I can't sell it, it'll give me an excuse to keep it :)

I'll see if I can post more pictures..... here or elsewhere.

Just wanted to add that it has been double clutched on all downshifts...... syncros should be as good as new.....


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Don't let color hold you back.

Wow that is a nice looking car. It makes me rethink my search for a Krypton Green Lotus.
Saffron Yellow was my second choice, I originally wanted Chrome Orange, but SY is very visible in traffic, which is a good thing on a small car. I've been very happy I ended up with an SY.

I also think that because of the generally exotic styling some colors push it over the edge and you risk looking like it's trying too hard and it loses credibility as a real production car.

Just my .02, don't let color hold you back, though this is one of the few cars where you can see your fenders while driving, so you will know what color it is from the drivers seat.......

Good luck in your search !

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Hi Kevin,

Did your buyer fall through?

Hasn't fallen through completely, buyer is trying to resolve an insurance issue, but has told me it's ok to work with other buyers. I hope he can resolve the issue, seems like a good guy and he is local so I would have visiting rights :)

I gave him a couple of days to decide without showing to anyone else, which I would do for anybody, but as is generally the case the first to give a deposit will stop the selling process.

I sent you a PM late last night.


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To some really great people, I'm glad it has gone to a good home.

Just wanted to let everyone know this is a great place to buy or sell a Lotus ( I've now done both ) , you can meet the current owner and the seller reaches serious educated buyers. Glad I didn't have to go to EBay..... THANKS !

Anybody with questions on buying or selling a Lotus, please PM me, I'm not a dealer, just some dude that has done both.
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