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[SOLD] 2006 Arctic Silver Elise

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I'm looking to sell my car. Car currently has 39,500ish miles. These are mostly highway miles. The car is very well sorted with absolutely 0 problems and has been 100% reliable for me. No squeaks and rattles. The only maintenance job that was needed was replacing the Stage II because something came loose on the inside. It was replaced under warranty by Criswell because they installed it.

Price: SOLD

VIN: SCCPC11166HL30270 (Email me for a carfax link so you don't have to pay.)
Carfax = 1 owner car, clean title with no accidents
Pics: Picasa Web Albums - Ross - Lotus For Sale

Factory purchased features:
  • Upgraded paint: Arctic Silver
  • LSD
  • Traction Control
  • Touring
  • Sport package includes lightweight LSS wheels
  • All tools and manuals
  • Softop (not shown)

Aftermarket upgrades:
  • Stage II exhaust (2000 miles on it)
  • Cup car airbox (less than 200 miles)
  • Upgraded stereo, amp with stealth box sub
  • Sector 111 Toe hook (have original)
  • Micro mirror (have original)
  • Stainless steel brake lines with fresh fluid (less than 500 miles)
  • Factory Lotus arctic silver hardtop with bag

Original parts included to new owner:
  • Stock airbox
  • Stock mirror
  • Stock visors
  • Net behind seat
  • Snorkel

Car comes with all manuals and tools. I am the 2nd owner and the carfax is flawless. Many service records shown in carfax and other service was done at my local performance shop BEHE. The car had the brakes changed 2,000 miles ago and had new rubber put on at the same time.

Common Questions
How much track time does the car have?
1 20 minute session at Summit Point main course
Less than a hand full of Autocrosses

Why are you selling the car?
Long story but basically my wife doesn't enjoy getting in and out and wants something easier to get in with a skirt for the weekends. I am most likely going to cry when this car goes because I absolutely love it.

What are you replacing it with?
I'm not sure yet. I'm currently looking at a few cars ranging from a GT3 to a Q1.

Looking for trades?
No, unless it's a Noble M400 (I'll throw in some cash) :)

How's the paint?
The car does not have starshield so there are a few rock chips on the front and side but nothing major. I will take better pics later but pics are very difficult to catch small imperfections so I suggest seeing it if you can. Other than that the paint is in great condition. Arctic Silver is a gorgeous color!

Is the price negotiable?
Make me an offer and I'll let you know. I know the market right now is all over the place and I'm in no rush to sell this car. I will truly miss it and now is the best time of year to drive so not selling = more fun for me.

Pics: See my web album for pics. I will upload more once I clean the interior better :)

I also have a video of the exhaust note I made today here: YouTube - 2006 Lotus Elise Stage 2 + Cup Car Airbox Exhaust
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Bump. Had buyer back out due to financing issues

New price as well. Get it now and enjoy summer!
The car also has a hair over 40k miles on it now. I like to drive it and will keep driving till sold :)
Do you have the hard top as well? :drool:
Yes I do. I forgot to add that to my post! I just noticed you can see it in one of my pics against the wall.

Also, I updated everything to help separate out what I bought later versus what came with the car. Seems to be a common a question I am getting. Also, another way to see what the car came with is to call Lotus USA and give them the VIN. It's free and available during business hours.
I'm interested, although the mileage is higher than I would like. I have looked at your pictures quite a few times. Can you post pictures of any imperfections?
The only imperfections are some small chips in the paint on the front clam and side fenders. Since the car is silver, it's hard to get pictures (they blend in) but I'll do my best today and will let you know when I post them.

Regarding the mileage. It's a Toyota engine and pulls just as hard as the other Lotus I have driven. I see mileage as an indicator of reliability. It shows that the owner(s) have driven the cars and ironed out the kinks that all exotics have. This car is very well sorted and runs flawless. There are no idle problems, 2nd cam issues, leaks, A/C problems, etc. Most of the maintenance is visible on the carfax and the other maintenance is available from BEHE.
I'm not worried about the engine or even the drivetrain in general. I'm more worried about the body, frame, suspension bits. I'm still learning, but I understand that the '06 seems to hold up better in this area.

Thanks for any additional pics.
I hear you. I had the car completely checked over by the dealer at around 35k miles (shown on the carfax). I also have had the car checked out again this year by BEHE back in March before the track event (you can check my posting history for details :)). No problems and the car ran great.

I still have a smile from that. My first time out of 2nd gear on a track :shift:
Bump. Have 2 people coming this weekend to look. Get it before it's too late (and too hot)!:coolnana:
See you this weekend with driving shoes on!!
Sale pending
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