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Year/Color: 2006 Lotus Elise, Aspen White with black leather interior
VIN: SCCPC11126HL30217
OEM Options: Sport and Touring Package, LSD/Traction Control, soft/hard top
Mileage: 72,000 (this will increase as I occasionally drive the car)
Asking price: $35,000 or best offer
Location: Denver, Colorado
Link to full photo album: Lotus Elise 06 Aspen White Photo Album

Up for sale is my 2006 Aspen White Lotus Elise. This was a difficult decision to make, but I think it’s time for this car to move to a new home. I have owned this car for 5 years, and have always taken great care of it. I am not a track guy, and used the car as a daily driver, mostly to and from work. A majority of the miles I drove were highway miles, and the car was always garage kept.

Over the years I spent a lot of time researching and fixing general “Lotus” quality of life issues (more on that in the body of the post), and I have full extensive documentation including parts receipts and receipts for major/minor services completed on the car while I have been the owner.

The car is accident free, and I have the title clean and clear in hand, and will ship at the buyer’s expense. Additionally, I would be willing to work with the buyer to meet up in person for the handoff, if it’s within a reasonable days drive of Denver. There are 3 ways to reach out to me, PM through LotusTalk (probably the slowest), email [email protected], or text me at 862-268-6715. I can answer any and all possible questions about the car and its history.

I can’t stress enough the great condition that this car is in. If you are a discerning buyer who is looking for an extremely clean, fully optioned, problem free Lotus that has been properly modded and cared for, this is it.







I have provided links at the top and bottom of this post to the full photo album containing approximately 90 pictures of the car. If for some reason you would like specific additional pictures please let me know, and I will get them to you ASAP.

  • 2 upgraded keys, and an extra 3rd fob
  • Original Lotus owner’s manual
  • OEM rear view mirror
  • OEM trunk carpets, these were replaced by the Sector 111/Inokinetic trunk organizer
  • OEM Lotus tool kit, with all parts
  • Soft top/support rails for soft top/original carrying bag
  • Documentation I have collected while owning the car (parts and service receipts etc.)


Like many of us on the forums I have been a long-time Lotus enthusiast. Since the debut of the Elise in 2005 I knew that one day I wanted to own one. I came relatively close to purchasing a couple times over the next several years, but the timing never quite seemed to work out. I slowly began to realize that after constantly watching Elises come and go, that I wouldn’t settle for anything but the perfect car. The search that followed took about 6 months, I was determined to find a well-kept 2006 Elise, fully optioned with LSD/traction control and in a color that I desired. My search lead me to this LotusTalk post, and I ended up purchasing the car:

[MI] FS: 2006 Aspen White Elise w/Katana SC

The car itself was as described by the seller, everything was in order and well maintained. I am the third owner of this car, and have done everything in my power to keep it in the same condition (or even make improvements!) as when I purchased it. Over the next 5 years I slowly modified and updated the car in order to best suit me personally, while still keeping in mind everything that makes a Lotus the best lightweight sports car in the world.
I’ve finally decided to list this car for sale because I would like to buy my first home soon, and I want to be in the best financial place possible. Working on this car and learning throughout the entire process has been one of the best experiences of my life. My primary goal now is to find the best home for my baby. A home that will treat it with the same love and respect I have, so I can move gracefully towards home ownership. It’s been a blast being part of this community and turning heads whenever I am out driving, I really will miss it!

Now for the fun part, a comprehensive list of all the changes, modifications, and quality of life improvements I have made to the car.

  • Sector 111/Inokinetic Katana 2 supercharger kit (Eaton MP62 Supercharger, same as Exige “S”), blower info HERE
  • TRD (Toyota Racing Development) airbox, this has been desnorkled
  • Upgraded BOE Hardened intake CAM (stock profile)
  • Replaced OEM exhaust CAM, as well as OEM rockers and rocker assemblies
  • BOE DMC’s Ultimate 2zz header, heat wrapped with Duramake Titanium Exhaust Wrap, can easily withstand any heat output by the 2ZZ engine, pictures of the wrapped header are at the end of the linked photo album, header info HERE
  • BOE 2ZZ ARP exhaust studs
  • BOE Sport Cat U-Bend for 2ZZ DMC Header, also heat wrapped
  • BOE Silent Touch Exhaust
  • BOE Torque 250 ECU tune, with the previously mentioned power upgrades the car makes approximately 250 HP
  • Sector 111/Inokinetic full aluminum proRAD-FP single pass radiator
  • Sector 111/Inokinetic radiator hose kit
  • Replaced the OEM oil cooler and lines


  • Odyssey PC925 battery, a great midrange battery for a Lotus Elise
  • Updated the battery bracket and cover to fit more snugly
  • Extended the immobilizer/alarm/FOB range (no replacement parts here and the system wasn’t faulty, just a QoL upgrade)
  • Disconnected the always on daytime running lights, the lights still work perfectly when switched on from the cabin (QoL upgrade, I can’t stand constant lighting)
  • Sector 111/Inokinetic HID low beams, this is the gen1 kit
  • LED taillights, this is OEM on the 2006 Elise, but I wanted to call it out anyway, it’s a nice upgrade from a 2005


  • Sector 111/Inokinetic DPW Pedal upgrade for clutch/brake/throttle
  • Sector 111/Inokinetic shifter reinforcement kit
  • Lotus OEM cupholder, it’s a genuine Lotus part that was an option on ‘08+ I believe
  • Center console/AC shroud painted Aspen white to match the car
  • I took the entire dash and interior apart and painstakingly felted EVERYTHING, no more terrible interior squeaks!
  • I added some sound deadening when working on the interior, I didn’t over do it because I like road and engine noise, but wanted to be able to make a clear phone call while driving
  • Tinted windows (driver/passenger/rear) and 3M CLEAR Crystalline installed on windshield to reduce heat in the cabin and block UV from hitting the dash
  • Dash board is plastidipped to correct the outgassing problem, this coupled with the Crystalline film was a nice QoL improvement
  • JBL upgraded stereo system, 5.2 inch tweeters replaced in the dash, custom 12” subwoofer installed between the seats, amplifier mounted into the trunk.
  • Power windows (OEM touring pack option)
  • Leather Probax seats in GREAT condition no scuffs or scrapes, this is OEM on the 2006 Elise, but it’s a major upgrade in my mind and I wanted to list it
  • Sun visors deleted, they literally don’t block anything and look stupid
  • Rear view mirror deleted (will be included with sale)
  • Sector 111/Inokinetic trunk “bootie”, this protects the rear clam and organizes the trunk


  • Brand new windshield installed last year, no pitting or imperfections
  • SirLotus under front clam armor aka “chin protectors”, the nose of this car is in great shape, the importance of this addition is hard to describe to someone unless they have been daily driving an Elise, worth its weight in gold
  • Starshield was replaced soon after I purchased the car and covers the front clam, rockers, turn signals, and side view mirrors, very little discoloration
  • Replaced the front “slats”, the ones that came with the car were scuffed up and looked pretty bad
  • “Elise Supercharged” custom decals added near side turn signals and rear
  • BWR “rock guards” installed in front of the rear wheels, this helps to protect an area of the body that takes a lot of abuse, and I think it looks cool, really completes the Stormtrooper look
  • Multivex (convex) side mirrors on the driver/passenger side to reduce blind spots
  • LOTUS raised lettering installed on the rear of the car, I did this properly, clearing the letters and wet sanding several coats
  • BOE diffuser brace and rear panel delete to accommodate the exhaust upgrades, this also provides extra airflow around the exhaust to dissipate heat


  • Sector 111/Inokinetic Nitro Singles coilovers, these are currently set for street driving, but can be dialed up for a more aggressive experience
  • Sector 111/Inokinetic RTD toe link brace
  • Lotus Sport OEM satin black wheels. These are the wheels with the wider fronts (6.5 inches). Wheels are in great shape, no curb rash, and almost no dings whatsoever
  • Lotus center caps on all 4 wheels
  • Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 tires (195/50/16 and 225/45/17), there is a lot of tread left on these, no need to replace anytime soon
  • Sector 111/Inokinetic single piece drilled rotors
  • Sector 111/Inokinetic G-Loc R8 brake pads, front and rear
  • BOE braided stainless steel brake lines, front and back


This is not a comprehensive list, but here are the things that come to mind as some of the most important selling points of this car:
  • Limited slip diff and traction control, accompanied by full options in one of the less common colors
  • All recall and preventative/safety maintenance has been completed on the car, this includes cam and rocker replacement with hardened shafts/oil cooler line recall/resistor pack recall/and RTD toe link brace install. I included pictures of the worm cams/rockers that were replaced at the end of the photo gallery
  • The exterior is in near perfect condition, I fixed some body/paint flaws when I replaced the starshield soon after purchasing 5 years ago. This car looks like it only has 20k miles on the clock, no bullshit
  • The Katana 2 supercharger coupled with the supporting exhaust upgrades and tune ensure reliable/robust/safe/fun power delivery. This is what an Elise should sound and feel like when you hit the gas. Supercharger whine is sexy :cool:
  • The small brake upgrades helped A LOT in the long run, it feels a lot better than the OEM setup
  • The interior of the car is about as comfortable as it can be, the audio system sounds great, the AC works perfectly (serviced summer last year), and the felt and sound deadening solved the interior rubbing and rattling problem
  • I lot of the interior felting and rattle prevention work I completed is describe in detail in this wonderful LotusTalk thread found HERE
  • A thread on supportive AC mods that I applied to my car can be found HERE
  • Discussion regarding dashboard outgassing and the fixes I made can be found HERE
  • There is one thing on the car that I would consider repairing as a new buyer, the driver’s side headlight lens has started to separate from the headlight housing, this has no effect on the headlight function itself, and is an afternoon of work in the garage to swap it out with the replacement part, here is a picture of what I am talking about, front and side:


  • In addition, I also wanted to call out that the brakes are squeaky. The braking works perfectly, this is NOT a functional or safety issue. This is a fairly common Lotus problem, but it bothers me nonetheless. The girlfriend doesn’t seem to notice, so I suppose the severity of the brake squeak is open to interpretation. The easiest fix would be to simply replace the pads with a no noise street pad.

If you’ve made it this far through my post, congratulations, we are quite close to the end!
As a callout, minor maintenance on the car was completed by me in my garage, I changed the oil every 3k miles, and always used Motul 8100 Xcess 5w40, and a Mobil 1 m1209 filter.
This section might be a little redundant, as I have listed most of this stuff somewhere else in the above sections, BUT I wanted to paint a clear picture of the major maintenance I have had completed on the car, with an accompanying timeline.

A vast majority of the maintenance performed on the car was completed by Ryan Chapman at Ferrari/Bentley/Lotus of Denver. Ryan is a great guy and an extremely skilled Lotus mechanic, he always went above and beyond caring for this car and it definitely shows.
  • June 12th, 2015 (38,354 miles) I purchased the car, very soon after replaced the tranny/diff/clutch fluid
  • September, 2016 (55,000 miles) Starshield replaced, paint correction and body work to repair previous wear and tear before installing the new starshield. New radiator installed, resistor pack fix completed, chin armor installed
  • October, 2016 (56,201 miles) replaced the accessory belt
  • February, 2017 (56,540 miles) brake maintenance, replaced resistor pack in the rear turn signal, fixed fast blinking issue
  • April, 2017 (57,610 miles) brake overhaul, new pads/rotors/stainless steel lines/fluid, supercharger was taken apart and fully serviced, nose cone of supercharger was rebuilt, valves/seals/lines replaced
  • May, 2017 (58,655 miles) replaced leaking oil cooler and lines
  • October, 2017 (61,191 miles) full exhaust system installed, headers/sport cat/exhaust and BOE tune installed in the car, center console and AC shroud painted
  • February, 2018 (62,205 miles) cam shafts replaced with hardened versions from BOE, rocker assemblies replaced, top end of engine serviced. Pictures of the old wiped cams are at the end of the photo gallery. GET YOUR CAMS CHECKED GUYS!
  • March, 2018 (62,888 miles) MAF and throttle body cleaning
  • July, 2019 (69,736 miles) windshield replaced, coolant flushed, AC system fully serviced, minor brake service to reduce squeaking
I will gladly work with any potential buyer that would like a pre-purchase inspection performed on the car. Ferrari of Denver is the only true Lotus dealer in the Denver area, and is the best place to get this type of inspection done.
I have attached a PDF of the Carfax report for my car, as well as the tune request form that I sent to BOE for the tune that’s currently installed in the car, I thought it would be interesting to share with you guys.

Finally, just in case you missed it up top, here is a full picture gallery of the car:
Lotus Elise 06 Aspen White Photo Album


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Very nice ad! GLWS

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I think this has to be a LotusTalk record but I already have a deposit for the car, working through the details of the sale now.

Sale is currently pending, and I will update this post for closure when sale is complete.



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Pretty good for the car record. I got a set of brakes recently and they were in the mail from a private individual within an hour of it going online For Sale and received two days later USPS.

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You should receive an award for this for sale ad! Well done.

I am checking out your felt and sound deadening posts now!
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I greatly appreciate all the kind responses, and the warm reviews of this post.

As of right now the car is still pending sale, and is currently in escrow. I will update if this changes.


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Obviously you are an individual that loved this car and also know how to convey complete thoughts. Kudos and if the deals fall through please let us know.

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@Mister Bee funny how conveying complete thoughts has become so rare these days! Agree that this ad and this car are both awesome.
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Car has been officially sold, I will update the post and title.

I tried to lock this thread but I couldn't figure out how (maybe I can't?).

Anyway, its been a real privilege being part of this community. Awesome cars, awesome people, what more can a guy ask for. (y) Much love from Denver.

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