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Hello P2L,

I'm not sure who you really are as I replied to your ad on Craig's list which had an original sale price for $42,000 and now has it for $39,000.

2007 Lotus ExigeS, ST, 5,300 miles, PRICE REDUCTION

But this isn't what has raised my red flags. Too many things are changing.

First your email states you had a buyer for the full $42,000 price, but then I find this post. The date is a day after your email.

In our email exchange, you claimed you were Patrick (last name intentionally left out) and you were the owner and would have the title free and clear soon, but in the last email your "uncle" Sherman (or later in the email another name change Nam H.) claims to be the real owner!

Additionally clicking on your "uncle"s website also got me immediately infected with a malware/trojan which mimics itself as being part of MS Protection and wants me to click to install and buy a software called MS AntiSpyware 2009. This is so new many antivirus s/w doesn't know about it, but Kaspersky says visiting this site is potentially harmful.

From this site I also found out that one of your original brakes was destroyed, thus the replacement Porterfield brakes and that the car was tracked.

You said you got the car from Conn. but a Carfax report says it was registered in Florida. On this list you mentioned it was from NY.

All this could very well be innocent and coincidental, but I've lost my appetite for the car.

Best Regards,


P.S. If there is another 07 Storm Titanium Exige S w/Trac Pak, Touring Pak, Starshield, Porterfield brakes and 5300 miles in the bay area, bought via Huntingridge, etc. etc. I'll apologize now.
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