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Mileage: 8,879
Asking: $44,000
Located in Lufkin, Texas

Liquid Blue Metallic
Oyster Leather
2+2 w/Leather Rear Seat
Six Speed Manual
Win Ace Evora 400 Front Bumper
DRL Bypass
Cruise Control
Backup Camera
Shorai Lithium Battery w/Maintainer
Both Factory Keys, Original Manuals, Factory Tow Eye
Garage Kept
Never Tracked
More Photos Available

Alone, this low mileage 2011 Lotus Evora selfishly sits in its own one car garage. It only leaves its home to make the rounds on days where the forecast is ideal. Under my nearly three years of highly pleasurable ownership, it saw the rain one time for about ten minutes on August 23, 2018, which was purely by accident. In fact, it is only washed with Aerowash and Top Coat F11 instead of water. My first Lotus was a 2006 Elise which now resides with its current owner in Silicon Valley, California. After selling the Elise, I chose the Evora because of the back seat which would allow me to occasionally haul my two youngsters in the back (my classic 911SC does not have rear seatbelts), and the Evora entry and egress are much more effortless. While exotic, I do recognize that it is not a supercar and find great benefit that the driveline is Toyota. The exhaust is stock and unmodified and it has never been tracked or driven hard for that matter. This Evora is cherished and treated with tremendous care.

The paint is nearly flawless, aside from a small quarter sized buffer burn right behind the right rear tire. There are no scratches or scuffs under the front bumper. It does have a blemish on the CarFax under the second owner who struck a mailbox and did damage to the front bumper and headlight. It was repaired at the Lotus dealership and even the discerning eye could find no signs of previous paint or prior damage. It was very minor. No airbag deployment and no damage to the subframe, suspension, or other components. It was purely cosmetic. I purposely sought an example with a minor blemish as I had plans to change out the front bumper cover for the one you see today. It is a Heathelsport Evora 400 style bumper. I find the original bumper cover to look like a catfish and I did not want to be the first to apply paint to a flawless, low mileage example. The bumper was installed and painted by a restoration shop that specializes in laying down $30,000 paint jobs for show cars. When matching the paint, the PPG rep drove in from Houston (about 100 miles away) to assist in perfectly matching the paint to the factory color. So there would be consistency in not only the paint color, but the grain of the paint as well, we chose to paint everything from the front windshield forward. The result is flawless. It has also been treated to a roof wrap in black with matching vinyl on the mirrors. This was professionally done by a company that specializes in commercial vehicle wraps. There are no bubbles, rips, or tears in the vinyl, and a high-performance 3M outdoor rated vinyl was used.

Under my ownership, it has benefited from a few other upgrades. It has the power folding mirrors and the daytime running light bypass. The bypass was done correctly with no “fast blink” and the front bumper LEDs are operated when the parking lights are engaged. The traditional 45-pound battery was replaced with a five pound lithium-ion battery with accompanying battery tender. Because the previous battery lost all power and was dead, the airbag light is currently illuminated but should be rectified before the new owner takes delivery. It can be reset with an SRS tool capable of programming a Daewoo Gentra, with which it shares SRS components. Again, this is due to the previous battery being drained and replacing it with a new one, which can be verified on the Lotus forums. The interior dome light has been replaced with an automotive LED lamp. Another common issue is the brake sensor adjustment which causes the traction control light to illuminate. The brake sensor has been replaced with a GRP brake pedal switch from Monkey Wrench Racing, which still needs some adjustment. The traction control light only illuminates periodically and usually after several minutes of driving. The cruise control is still functional which points to a healthy brake controller simply in need of an adjustment. I am not built to crawl around on the floorboard of a Lotus so this simple task is beyond my scope of adjustment. The passenger door handle internals have been replaced as it was at one time not engaging properly. This is a common issue with these cars, and this issue has been addressed. Also common is the failure of the tether that controls the descent of the glovebox. The thin strand dries out over time and eventually break, which was the case here. It is easy to catch the glovebox as it opens, but forgetting to do so will eject your contents onto the passenger floorboard. There are simple fixes for this, but it is a fix I never got around to.

The Evora still smells new and of rich leather inside. It is rarely parked in the sun, and when it is, an Evara specific front window sun shade is put in place. All the glass, including the windscreen, are original with no rock chips, scratches, or cracks. The windows have been tinted with Llumar ceramic coated window tint all the way around, including a fully transparent non-tinted ceramic window coating on the front windscreen that blocks UV light and keeps the cabin cool. The goal here was to protect the dash leather which is known to shrink on the Evora, a common issue with all Evora examples. There is no signs of shrinkage and the leather is perfect in all areas with the exception of the stitching in the center of the dash which does show some stress, but has been cured from any further shrinking with the ceramic tint. The engine hatch was treated to a very lightly tinted ceramic coating to keep the heat down and sun exposure off of the belts and hoses, but still allows the engine to be seen through the glass. The air conditioner was serviced in October 2018 with a front clam removal and upgraded components, again, making right a common component failure with these examples. The result is an air conditioner that blows ice cold, just as it should.

The original carpets are in excellent and like-new condition with no signs of wear. This example is equipped with the touchscreen head unit with rear backup camera. The underbody panels are straight and damage-free. The car has never been tracked. The passenger inner-fender liner was upgraded with the one-piece inner-fender liner when the A/C system was serviced. Both original keys, original owner’s manual, and factor tow eye are included.The gauges are clean and clear with everything functioning properly. There is some wear on the driver’s outboard seat bolster which was already present when I purchased the vehicle. It is purely cosmetic with no leather stressing and no scuffing to the leather. There is a tear in the leather at the front of the driver’s door threshold which has been repaired. This was already there when I purchased the car. The shift boot is loose at the base. All screen printing is intact with no signs of wear or soiling. I replaced the right front tire when the car was delivered to me from Michigan via enclosed carrier. The transporter had over-tightened the strap holding that tire and the sidewall had a small gash, so it was replaced with a matching tire. All tires are 9/16ths or better with no signs of uneven wear or otherwise. There is some minor curb rashing on two of the wheels. I had plans to have them powdercoated in a darker color, which is self-leveling and would have corrected the rashing.

It has a clean Michigan title. I am a dealer, but this is in my personal collection; not dealership inventory. It stays at my home in the garage and will never be parked at a dealership. I have enjoyed the Evora thoroughly, but with no time to enjoy it and kiddos getting too big for the back seat, I must move on and find it a proper home. Inspections are welcome. More photos are available.

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