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Selling my 2012 Evora. I'm only the second owner. I may consider trade for Elise + cash (always wanted to drive one). I am not in a bind to sell it. It's paid off and I love driving it and will continue to do so until a fair offer is made. It runs great, is well maintained and is in excellent shape for it's age. Everyone who sees it thinks it's a later model because of its condition. I'm having the car professionally detailed this Saturday (Nov 2). It will be available to show beginning 11/3.

34k miles
Leather interior
Automatic IPS Transmission
Premium Electronics Package
IPS Sport Package
Star Shield (lower half of car covered in clear wrap)
Tech Package
Original owners manual
2 Original Keys
Original Wheel Key/Tow Hook
Original Window sticker

Added -

Front Tow Hook Tag Bracket (VA requires front license plate)
Radium Cold Air Intake - Still have factory airbox/intake in garage.
2Bular Valved Exhaust with carbon tips. I also have a new set of 2bular stainless tips and have the factory exhaust in my garage.
Pioneer Android Auto/Apple Airplay radio (have original). Sound is leaps and bounds better than original. Still uses factory subwoofer and rear camera.

Recently done -

State inspection – 10/19
Brake fluid – 10/19
Oil Change - 10/19
Front brakes and rotors 7/19 at 33k miles (EBC Reds)
Rear brakes 7/19 at 33k miles (EBC Reds)
Sail panel replaced

I have a brand new set of Bridgestone RE71R's sitting on the garage floor to go with the car because it will need tires soon. They tires currently pass VA inspection but they are not far from failing. They still have life in them so I felt it would be a waste of tread to have them changed out now. I'll give the new tires to the buyer and they can install when they deem necessary.

Clean title in hand. Car history MAY show one mention of “body work”. The rear spoiler cracked along the spoiler at the molding seam. Insurance paid for it so it may show up as something but I have the original spoiler and body shop receipt so you can see it was not in an accident.
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