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[SOLD] Black 06 Probax cloth seats and door inserts $750

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The seats are in good shape. The passenger seat has a small nick at the front (see photo with green circle). The pieces came out of a car with 17500 miles on it. The seats come with rails, bolts and seat belt anchors. The driver's seat airbag sensor works.

These are the 06 Probax seats.

I replaced these with some leather seats and door inserts. Shipping those seats cost $100, so I'll just pass that along.


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My first car came with a trim shop interior except they were just skins. You pull the old skins off (they're glued on) and I assume you can order just the leather "skins" from the trim shop. My trim shop interior was the leather diamond patterned seats (from the exclusive package I think) with orange stitching. Very cool! These seats are a steal
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