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Reposting this, since the last thread got sidetracked with discussion about the economy and real estate bubble... since we all know now that we're in a recession, we don't need to discuss it anymore :)

2006 Aspen White Elise - 8413 miles - $36k

Location: San Jose (the WA plates in the pictures are from when I lived in Seattle)
One owner car, purchased 4/20/06 from Park Place Ltd.
All service work (1K, 4K, 7K, and oil change) done at Park Place Ltd.
Still under warranty (no drivetrain modifications whatsoever)
All original parts included (extra key, manuals, window sticker, paperwork, etc...)
Fully transferable EXTENDED 7-year/70K mile warranty ($2700 value) - covers powertrain, steering, brakes, air conditioning, suspension, electrical, A/C, cooling, fuel system, towing/rental car coverage, wear & tear (up to 50K miles), fluids, tires, with $100 deductible. (For full details, PM me)

Hard Top - $1475.00
Lifestyle Paint - $1200.00
Star Shield - $995.00
Touring Pack - $1350.00
Subtotal - $48935
Out the door (with taxes, registration, ext. warranty) - $56616.79

Window Sticker:

The history:
Secondary car, garaged fully, driven almost exclusively on sunny days
Has never been tracked
Has never been smoked in
Has been detailed and washed regularly
Has never had any mechanical problems, other than a defective LED side marker light (replaced under warranty at Park Place)

Accident history:
In Sept. 2006, while waiting at a red light, an SUV backed up to park on the street, hitting the front clam at low speed (<5 mph). Other driver was at-fault, their insurance paid in full. The car was inspected at Bel-Red Auto in Bellevue, WA, and determined to not have any structural damage (this was determined after the clam was removed). Extent of damage was a gouge in the fiberglass, and scratches on one headlight cover. Per standard Lotus procedure, the front clam was replaced and painted, the doors/mirrors blended to match perfectly. The paint job is perfect, it is indistinguishable from how the car looked brand new. The star shield reapplied on the front is slightly different cut-out pattern though, that is the only sign that anything was ever changed. The total repair costs were $7281.05, and the body work is under warranty by Bel-Red. I have all the paperwork regarding this.

The real highlight of this car, is all the amazing work that has been done on it. Nowhere will you find a Lotus interior as comfortable and beautiful as this one. (And don't worry, it doesn't add much weight, either!) CarNutz in Bellevue, WA performed all the modifications on this vehicle (most of it custom one-off work), over the course of the last 12 months. The cost break-down is:

Sector 111: $1042.26 in parts
BlackWatch Racing: $246.00 in parts
Toybox Wheels (powdercoated): $2150.00
TireRack: $685.67
Ekological: $310.00
Elise $199.73
Audio Equipment (various resellers): $2814.39
Labor/Parts performed by CarNutz: $15745.38
Total: $23193.43

I have the paperwork/receipts for all parts purchased, and work done. Please check my other thread for a list of what all was done.

Most recently, Dietsch Werks in San Jose has upgraded the battery to a higher capacity one, and added an easily accessible terminal in the trunk, to make jump starting far easier.

I recently took photos of the car several weeks ago, you can see them in this thread: Stormtrooper Elise (NOT 56K friendly!)
Here are a few:

I have other, not-as-interesting photos from the same photoshoot, which I can send to you on request. If there's something specific you'd like a photo of, let me know.

Reason for Selling:
Trying to free up more room for other cars and focusing on getting a house later when the time is right. No fault at all to the car, this Elise really is my baby and I'll be sad to see it go!

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I've had several requests for pics of the engine bay setup. So here they are, you can see that the entire trunk floor has been raised several inches to accommodate the amp, the soft top still fits in the trunk fine (and indeed is where I put it when not in use).

And here you can see the nifty jump start terminal added, since the stock battery's terminals are near impossible to reach. A positive terminal hidden under a black flip-up cover, with the engine block used for ground.


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I admired this car at Rob's shop the other day. It is extremely tastefully done and just looks fantastic :clap:

Good luck with the sale!!
Thanks :up: Rob has been my one-stop-shop for my car since I moved down to the bay area, the battery terminal he added is so well installed it looks oem, all Elise's should come with this standard IMO!
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