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[SOLD] FS: 2Bular 8" Single Tip

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As the title states, for sale is a 2Bular 8" single-tip panel-exit exhaust with the GT3 tip. Blackwatch sells the 8" exhaust for $695 (be sure to select 8" to see the correct price).

As many of you may have noticed, the exhausts by 2Bular and Arqray look terrible after using them for any period of time. They discolor and suffer from surface corrosion. My exhaust looked like this after ~5,000 miles:

I spent six hours media-blasting and polishing the exhaust and hardware to make it look new again. This is result and is what I'm selling:

I even cleaned the clamps and bolts. There's no longer any corrosion and the thread engagement is smooth.

The only downside is a small dent that's ~3" in length, however it is near the bottom and hidden behind the rear panel eliminator. It doesn't photograph well, but it can be seen here:

The price is $500 shipped anywhere in CONUS.
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