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For sale is my 2007 Lotus Cup 255 car in Solar Yellow with only 1,287 miles. It may well be the lowest mileage and best condition Cup car in North America. The Cup Car was a factory prepped race car built for a European racing series and only about 50 or so of these cars were ever imported into the US. The car is not street legal and this is car number 029. It is in beautiful shape with absolutely no damage history or offs, properly prepped and ready to go. This car is practically a new car. Options and extras include:

Cup Car Standard Features:
-Eaton M62 Supercharger making 255 hp
-Uprated clutch plate and cover
-Ohlin dampers, 2 way adjustable for Compression (bump) and rebound
-Front Adjustable Anti Roll Bar
-Track Control Arms
-Accusump oil storage system to prevent oil starvation
-Fully Forged, lightweight Cup Wheels 16x7 front and 17 x 8 rear
-Race Battery- Odyssey using absorbed glass mat technology (AGM).
-AP Racing, ‘Formula Big Brake Kit’ 4 piston front calipers with 2 piece lightweight rotors, and Pagid pads
-Special ECM with a USA Cup Specific program
-Cup Specific spark plugs
-Cup Specific Fuel Injectors
-Removable Steering Wheel (quick release)
-Lifeline Fire System electronic fire suppression, FIA approved with 2 nozzles in the cockpit and 2 nozzles in the engine bay
-Emergency Battery Master Switch Cutoff both in cockpit and outside car
-Locking Fuel Filler cap
-SCCA compliant Full factory roll cage
-Lotus Sport Build Plate
-Yokohama Racing Slicks

Extra Cost Factory Options:
-Limited Slip Differential- Lotus sport 1.5 way adjustable plate type differential (upgrade over the stock torsion limited slip)
-Switchable traction control
-Extensive Starshield clear bra over all the typical danger areas

Extra aftermarket options:
-Sector 111 Gpan 3 baffled oil pan to further reduce oil starvation and protect the engine
-Sector 111 V2 front control arms to get more front camber
-Sector 111 Front and Rear tow hooks
-Sector 111 Catch Cans to stop oil and exhaust blowby from robbing power
-2 ply Racing Optics windshield tear off to protect windshield
-New Schroth Enduro 6 point Harness on driver side
-Sub-belt for passenger harness installed
-New Lifeline fire bottle canister (old one was expired)
-Corner balanced and aligned for the track

Recent Service
-oil change, trans and diff fluid flush, new air filter, and SRF brake fluid, all done in the past 2 months (about 700 miles ago) and brake fluid reflushed 200 miles ago.

The story is as follows.

I bought this car earlier this year from a Lotus Talk member. The car had 579 miles on it. A total time capsule. There basically was not a mark on it. It was bought new for a significant car collection (with numerous Ferraris and other exotics) as a fun toy. He paid $90,165 for it new in 2007. The car was stored at one of these car country clubs, both temperature and humidity controlled, and run periodically to keep all the seals and rubber fresh. He used it for one track weekend and otherwise, the car sat.

When I purchased it, I had an expert on Lotus and in particular, Cup cars (Bill Thomas at William Thomas Roadsters in Frenchtown NJ) pour over every nut and bolt on the car. It was literally pristine. He can answer any questions about the quality and condition of the car. I had him change all the fluids (oil change, trans/diff fluid, flushed the brake fluid with SRF, and put in a new air filter). The driver harness had expired so I bought the top of the line Schroth Enduro Harness (the most comfortable and easily adjusted harness I have EVER used), and I also replaced the fire bottle as that had expired as well. I then had Bill install the necessary track mods for this car which included a Sector 111 GPan3 to prevent oil starvation, Sector 111 front V2 control arms to get the proper track camber, Sector 111 front and rear toe hooks, and a careful track alignment). The car had already been corner balanced and had the ride height adjusted and I had him put a sub belt on the passenger seat harness (that harness is still good until next year). I put on the 2 ply Racing Optics windshield protector which you can barely tell is there and prevents you from costly windshield replacement.

I used the car for 5 track days and on the track, it is simply amazing. Bill is not only a Lotus guru, he owns a Cup car as well so he knows them inside and out and how to really set one up properly. The car tracks with razor sharp accuracy, has telepathic steering, and grips the pavement like bubble gum. I run with the PCA club and the car was faster than every 996 GT3 it encountered (and even a few 997 GT3s). The handling is incredibly neutral with no bad habits and the car talks to you at the limit with NO surprises. I felt completely comfortable in the car by my second run of the first day.

So, you may be wondering why I’m selling? The answer is simple. I am 6'2" and thought I could make it work. While I can fit in the car, and adjust the seat and to where I am quite comfortable reaching the steering wheel and the pedals, I am concerned that my head is too high relative to the cage if there were a problem so I think for safety sake, I have to sell it. I have a wife and 2 daughters age 7 and 9 so I have to do the responsible thing. It pains me greatly as it is a great car and has every bit the smile factor as the 450 HP Porsche which was my last car but this car cost considerably less with less running costs. I was hoping for this to be my car toy for some time to come which is why I put so much effort into setting it up right. My loss is your gain.

As for current car condition, the brake pads and rotors still have lots of life in them. There are a few stone nicks in the clear bra on the rocker panels but this is minimal. The Racing Optics tearoff still has two layers on it and it means the windshield is also basically perfect. The car comes with Yokohama slicks that are basically full tread but these are old tires (they are the originals that came with the car) so I would assume they are well past their grip prime. I would view them as there to get some seat time on the car to get familiar with it before you start tearing through fresh rubber. Otherwise, the car is ready to go.

The best part is, this car is truly a collector car. My guess is, this car will never depreciate further and in fact, will likely go up in value as many have been crashed and/or destroyed. Car is located in NJ and I doubt it will last long.

Price is $57,995.

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Gorgeous! I was wondering. Are the headlights deleted or do they just come with black film on them like that? I think it looks fantastic and would like to do it to mine but concerned with driving at night.

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The headlights are deleted. There are running lights (look like fog lights) that are functional however which is nice for loading the car onto a trailer in the dark!
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