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Lotus Evora 400 test car

Red with black leather interior
Factory test car for the Evora 400
Evora 400 engine
6 speed manual transmission
Used for emissions testing for the Evora 400
Runs and drives
Not street legal
Has some cosmetic flaws
Great basis for a race or track car build
Includes new harness bar and baffled aluminum oil pan
This car was used for emissions testing at Roush engineering and has some modifications for testing equipment . This car can NOT be registered for street use.


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Lotus Evora Red test car(104).JPG
Lotus Evora Red test car(67).JPG
Lotus Evora Red test car(78).JPG
Lotus Evora Red test car(84).JPG
Lotus Evora Red test car(88).JPG
Lotus Evora Red test car(63).JPG
Lotus Evora Red test car(112).JPG
Lotus Evora Red test car(59).JPG
Lotus Evora Red test car(57).JPG
Lotus Evora Red test car(55).JPG

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wow interesting car and great price for someone looking for a racecar!
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Everyone is happy so I'm closing this.

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