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[SOLD] OE Harness bar

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SOLD. OE Harness bar, the two washers/bushings and two bolts for sale. Great condition. The paint is chipped a little in a place that can't be seen after install. $220 cash pickup in SE Phoenix. $260 PayPal shipped to the 48 states to the addres on your PayPal account.

Lotus Garage sells the parts for:
Bar $238.30
2 Washers(bushings) $39.00
2 Bolts $2.32

Phoenix SRT is selling the trim pannel, speakers etc. to make it a complete factory instal.

I also have the following for sale:

Brake Pads:
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Thanks again Doug, I received the harness bar with hardware & am waiting to get it mounted into my Elise. :D
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