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[SOLD] Somebody Buy This Before I Change My Mind....2007 ExigeS

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35K. Ardent Red; 3,500 miles; no track time...includes the following:

ultradiscs front & rear
pagid rs14's
stainless lines, motul fluid
fidanza ceramic clutch and aluminum flywheel
k&n apollo intake
rtv & rtd braces
v-force harness bar & schroth pro's
v3 bumper eliminator
front tow hook & boomerang rear hook
nitron sport pro's
adjustable front sway bar
race prep corner balance
2bular headers
2bular sport cat (not installed)
2bular de-cat
rls intercooler, non anodized
rls tubes, gunmetal
rls carbon rear "window" panel
arqray titanium single tip
tr motorsport f1 wheels w/a048's
stock wheels w/a048's (new)
moroso pan
shift reinforcer, letsla short shift
spa dg 201 oil temp/press gauge
titan qr steering rack
trackmount engine mounts
v1 in place of rearview, hardwired
carpet delete (except trunk)
battery tender plus
ekological hid 6000
trd oil filters & fumotovalve
saikou michi catch cans
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If anyone else is thinking of selling like this, let me know. Thanks.

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this sale was so fast it almost seems like it was staged. DAMN
I agree.
that car is worth at least $40k or more. I don't get why someone would unload it for so little.

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Congrats on the sale! But this is just great. From now on, whenever an Exige S owner tries to sell his/her car, this sale is going to be cited by would-be buyers as THE market defining sale for this model!!! Who knows, maybe it is.:crazyeyes

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Soooooooo … what does the big red button do? :p

Excellent car and one hell of a deal.
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