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Hi guys. This is my first post

JFYI in Japan toyota has a 200ps 2ZZ in the celica TRD M like Bimble's and also a 205ps 2ZZ in the Corolla RunX. These figures are with simple bolt ons and with the stock airbox. With a CAI and a nice new ECU like the APEXi Power FC you can gain about another 10-15hp if you do the mapping right and you have a healthy engine. About 210-220ps without opening the engine is great IMO

Oh and the engine is very nice in a light weight chassis. I have it on my MR-S which currently weighs about 960kg and it suits it well
From CIN:

As for the engine. Its bottom end is supposedly able to withstand more than 11000rpm apart from the oil pump. The crank is fully balanced, there are oil squirters, MMC cylinder liners, coated pistons etc... Basically it is using materials and tollerances like those used in F1 engines of some years ago. Pretty neat eh?

The cylinder head is a work of art but it is still have room for improvement. There are still visibile cast marks in the ports and the intake manifold could use some porting. I think that if aftermarket camshafts where to be made available this engine could very well reach 250bhp in road trim and still be very reliable. I dont want to even immagine what it could do in race trim with huge revs.

PS. With I/H/E peak power moves from 7800rpm to over 8000rpm. The stock high cam is pretty big at 11.2mm lift and about 292deg duration IIRC on the intake side. Still cams would help a lot and gain some nice hp if developed well.
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