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Some Elise accessories available from my dealer:

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See here:

I may not know when my car will arrive, but at least I can wear the rain cover like a cape around the house and make vroom - vroom noises. :crazyeyes

Damn, I'm tired of waiting.
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cool! thanks!
damn the front end chip guard kit is expensive, as is the full car cover!
shay2nak said:

damn the front end chip guard kit is expensive
I was going to say it's not too bad
If we can get enough people together AFTER my Elise comes in...I will be more than happy to make the front end stone kit available for everyone...I have access to the material...The pattern needs to be developed. If I buy one and then I can match it...I will just spread the cost over the units until its covered. When my Elise comes in I will make a post. The base material is pretty costly per foot however. I shoud be able to kill the advertised price.

Hmm - looks like this must have been the "watches and stuff" my dealer was talking about being requested/required by Lotus UK to order a few weeks ago - I'll have to call and see if they've got theirs in yet. :D

Color selection and small picture looks like the Jadi models - anyone know? A domestic source would be nice!
That green cap looks good.
The top car cover seems a bit pricey at $315. I'm only getting a shower cap anyway.

Can't see by the chip protection kit, the guy I saw installing the stuff on the B'ham cars was just using raw uncut material and trimming once installed.

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