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I just got a 06 elise in US.

these are so questions:

How do I know if my car is the standard base mode or Sport mode?
what are the difference?
I cant locate the Traction control switch, where would it be if I have TC?


appreciate the helps.
Just wondering what kinds of questions you asked the seller as you were considering buying your car? One would think specifics on options such as LSS and Traction Control would be part of asking price and final selling price.

Anyway, if you have traction control you have a small button on the top of your shift console next to the shifter and hazard buttons. No little button there? No traction control. NOT referring to the small button on the front of the console, which is for door locks. In case the seller didn't tell you, you have remote door locks.

As far as Sport suspension. First pass is to look at the wheels. If it has the LSS wheels, you likely have Sport, although the PO could've bought and installed LSS wheels on a non-sport car.

If you have the base (standard) wheels, you likely have standard suspension. Not many people with LSS installed the heavier and narrower (front) standard wheels.

If you have aftermarket wheels, its anybody's guess.

Don't suppose the original window sticker came with the car? It would be on there.
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