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You know what.....I think there's been a serious break down in communication by Lotus, that, or the dealers are inept.

My dealer already has my order and Im pleased as punch. Then I read on here that some dealers are telling their customers they have to wait until mid January. Then someone else said they were told by "inside" source that the dealers taking orders now are doing so in vain because they lack "something" from lotus (not specified) to actually make the official order.

Now your dealer is telling you that you have to place the order this week but you're having to ask online for details from someone in Los Angeles hoping that you can find the answer.

Now, I knew what I wanted before I it wasnt hard for me to simply call LOA and place the order without seeing detailed catalogs Im not affected.

But, Im started to get a little confused by all the strangeness regarding this ordering process.

Whats true and what isnt? I have to believe my dealer, and believe that my order has been "officially" placed, but depending on who you listen to, this is moot.

What gives Lotus?
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