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Something came lose

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Something came lose, like a nut or a small bolt right by the footwell. Is there a way to access that area? Its been rolling around for months and its bugging the crap out of me! I'm assuming the dealer dropped something while they were doing the oil recall. I can feel it sliding around when I take turns and was hoping it would get stuck some where but it must be on a flat surface with nothing to catch on.
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Assuming you mean an Elige.... can't tell from your avatar. Also, "area by footwell" could mean footwell divider, compartment with a/c evap or door sill area. Can you access it at all? have you tried an extendable magnet? I retrieve bolts out of my car that way all the time (butter fingers).
I drive an elise and the footwell divider is better way to describe it. That's what I'm wondering, is there a way to access that area?
There are holes in the side where you might insert an extendable magnet. After that, I believe removing the center console is the best way.
I have something rolling around in my dash/airbag areas, but I swore it was originally in the footwell area. It wasn't and I was wrong
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