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Hey everyone. Although I am not YET a Lotus owner I am hoping to learn as much as possible about these amazing cars before i purchase. I am hoping to get my car between October and Dec! Hopefully this will help me make my mind up but I am currently decided on a 2006ish Exige S. Any input would be great! Thanks
First thing to learn: If you are in the US no such thing as a 2006 Exige S. All 2006 Exige's came to the US normally aspirated (I had one). Not much more than a fast back Elise. The 'S' started in 2007 with the supercharged S220 ( had one of those too). 2008 had the S240 and S220 Club Racer. 2009 and later had the S260.

Each progressively more rare and more expensive.

Any 2006 that has a turbo or supercharger is aftermarket with all related pluses and minuses.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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