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In particular, the Garrett turbocharger. I know they come in the GT28R and the GT28RS flavors, but what trim and A/R? I'm assuming GT28R=GT2860R or GT2560R (.62 trim, .6 A/R). The compressor map suggests 320-330 but I see some dummys on the Nissan forums boosting 15-20 lbs with this tiny little turbo.

What is the difference between the R and RS?

from the limited information on here, the GT28R is good for about 300HP, but FF claims 275 RWHP (or 325HP) at 8psi?

Finally, my question: Anyone have a dyno curve or what this setup can do (stock engine, GT28R turbo, and solid tune @ 12psi). Will this combo net 300 RWHP (350HP)?

I need some more power ASAP! :panic:
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