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Is anyone out there upset at the gearing of this car? I talked with my dealer today and he basicly regerated some info from one of the pamplets he brought back from the dealer conference, stating that redline in 3rd is 93 mph and redline in 4th is 120, I interupted him and he stoped with the numbers.

Redline in 4th on my old e30 m3 was 122, this is with a 5 speed gear box. To me personaly this means that the 6th gear is just a feature of the car that will never get used, especially at the track where this car is supposed to shine:rolleyes: ....

Anyone else wonder about this gearing senario? I think this car would or could be a ton faster with more proper gearing, like my STi which hits redline in 4th at 105, 100 gets there fast in the STi because of the short gearing.


PS, I have started to spell "else" like ELISE, I did it twice today!

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I'll be watching this one close

I'm one that (don't flame me too hard) that has had several sports cars that are............automatic. I know you purests say the two don't go together. I've really been wondering about all aspects of the 6. Streetability, Autocrossing (just 2nd resist the urge to shift?). Any feedback about stiffness that is suppose to be better than the 111S's.

I'll one up ya'. Mine has bled over into my vocabulary. I was examining a patient and asked them, "what elise have.....?" I caught it immediately and broke out in a huge grin, the patient did not even catch it, other than my obvious response.

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Here's the figures I've computed relating to gearing:

1st: 3.116
2nd: 2.050
3rd: 1.481
4th: 1.166
5th: 0.916
6th: 0.815
Final: 4.529
Tire Revs per Mile: 833 (near where I expect the stock tires to be spec'd at)
Revlimit: 8350 (?)

Engine Revs per Mile
1st: 11756
2nd: 7734
3rd: 5587
4th: 4399
5th: 3456
6th: 3075

Gear Closeness (Expression of how close the ratios are)
1-2: 1.52
2-3: 1.38
3-4: 1.27
4-5: 1.27
5-6: 1.12

Speed at revlimit (mph)

RPM at 70mph

RPM after upshift at the revlimit
1-2: 5493
2-3: 6032
3-4: 6574
4-5: 6560
5-6: 7429

The big problem I see is the ridiculously high highway cruise rpm. If I was in charge, I would've chose a shorter final drive (4.8:1) and longer 6th.

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The RPM ar cruise speed really isn't that outrageous. In a 6 speed miata (1.8 liter), you'd be turning 4000 rpm at 70 mph. Seems high, but you get used to it. Its even higher in a 5spd miata.

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Yeah, thats funny, I was actually happy about the 6th gear cruise speed. My Intregra Type R and my 98 Civic Si both were at about 4krpm at 70mph. They were both 5 speeds though. Even my 6 speed S2000 is at about 3900 at 70mph.

As far as the gearing, I think the gearing is really good for autocrossing. I thought I read in a thread a long time ago that Toyota had three different tranny ratio sets available and Lotus chose the one with closest ratios, which would make sense for this type of car.
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