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Ground Loop said:
Is there a published spec for the Fed Elise ground clearance? I'm seeing an alarming number of "SUV-sized" speedbumps going in at local business parking lots and even residential lotss. Some of these are higher than the curb, and visibly scraped on top already.

Exactly how many inches are we afforded from road to delicate chin? (without LSS) What's the first part to make contact? Most cars seem to have a sacrifical air dam that makes the first scraping noise, but I don't see anything expendable on the Elise.

Some lots have enormous concrete parking stops as well, usually with a few inches of rebar sticking out of the top for good measure.

It's a minefield out there.
The ground clearance is 120mm (LSS) or 130mm (base). If the speed bump is more than that you will high-center on it. What that measurement doesn't tell us is whether the front or back will scrape on an incline, such as a driveway. That depends on the angle of attack. Unfortunately, even if you figure out the maximum angle of attack that the car will handle, most inclines don't have their angle posted. :D

Edit: The clearance numbers above were quoted, but I realized after posting that one of them has to be wrong. The LSS is 5mm lower than the base model.
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