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a lot of things will improve ur 0-60 time..
as its been said, practice launching the car hard. if ur afraid of hurting ur car, this isnt for u. if ur getting a lot of wheelspin, slip the clutch more....i havent driven this car, but my guess would be a high rev launch, then get a feel for slipping the clutch as ur going forward, to modulate traction.
thats the easiest way to increase ur performance...practice and use what u already have...

heres a few more ideas...
grippier tires....
lower the gear ratio
increase h.p.

how about some higher duration cams and some head work??
im thinking this might be a popular mod for these cars because theres not much else available....
this will increase the upper limits of the rev range (cams), and good headwork should help upper revs and midrange torque.
remember, 0-60 times and drag races are fought in the upper rev range....(or wherever ur powerband is.) road racers generally like torque and more power through the midrange...
how about a freer flowing exhaust and intake??
haha, it goes on and on....

hey, how are these cars to launch?? tell me!!! i cant wait to launch one myself..
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