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let me see if i got this right.

Stock vs sport vs track Suspension?

the stock suspension is composed of bilstein sport?

the sport suspension is Not height adjustable but has higher spring rates and revalved bilsteins.

the track suspension is ride height adjustable, has higher spring rates and revalved bilsteins. is it rebound and dampening adjustable?

any visual ques b/w the sport and the stock suspension without removing the tires.

Sport vs stock exhaust

I test drive an Elise with the sport package but it sounded the same as the non-sport package I drove a few weeks back.
was the sport exhaust included in all sport package 05-06 elises? was it an available option without the sport package?
Is there a visual way to tell whether a car has stock or sport exhaust.
what are differences other than sportier exhaust note and lower weight? any power gains.
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