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Arno: I hate to say it but you are probably not quite right when it comes to the exhaust making any hp. Take a look at the boxster situation. There are probably 15 different exhausts available for it, yet only 2 dont lose a measurable amount of hp. None of them boost it. The 2 "winners" are the porsche sports exhaust, and the GHL 5" exhaust, one of which is outrageously expensive, and the other is very very loud (110db measured, c-weighted at the drivers head level 2.5k-3krpm). Tests were performed on a dyno and you can ask anyone about it over at

While I don't doubt that a third party company will be able to *match* the stock lotus exhaust, my guess is it will A: take a long time B: not be the rule C: be very expensive. Remember, we are not talking about some long long tube with a ton of radical bends, flat sections, and poor manufacturing qualities. Midengined cars have a big advantage in that they can generally be optimally designed right from the getgo. There is no passenger compartment to get around, no underbody travel height restrictions, no tight bends. Just a straight shot out the back of the car. They add in a few bends to make the length proper, put in a cat or 2 and add a big old muffler to kill sound but not performance and bingo, perfection. Reduring backpressure does NOT mean you are going to gain hp. It might, but it is definitely not the rule.

My guess is you are right about the modification part, until the cams change and the headers go on, the exhaust will not be a place of much in the way of hp gains.


(Of course, this being a toyota and a lotus, those cams and headers should be changing fairly quickly IMO :D )
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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