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Jon said:
It will be extremely difficult for after market companies to offer an exhaust with the same performance level as the one offered by Lotus.
Lotus propaganda IMHO.

They just buy/order sports exhausts from other manufacturers too.

For the Euro Elise they used to use JanSpeed and after these went bust they switched to Magnex/CLF.

The JanSpeed exhaust lineup is OK, but there are definitely better ones on the aftermarket.

Still.. On an un-tuned engine and *only* swapping out the final silencer (which is what the 'sport ehaust' is..) you'll be lucky to see more than a few HP gain anyway..

My guess is that you'll quickly see complete aftermarket solutions with a new manifold complete to the rear.

This may well free up more power, but needs someone with good knowledge of exhaust manifold and system design to really make it shine.

I'll agree with Lotus that it's easy to bodge up and *lose* power with an 'uprated' exhaust.

Bye, Arno.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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