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Spotted - Black one in Dallas

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Spotted last night coming off 75 near the M streets area. Anyone here?
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Did not see the black one, but did run into a guy today with a SY (touring pkg. only). He was stopping by Starbucks at Highland Park Village. He is not on the boards; he was (I believe) #3 at Overseas. BTW, the car sounded nice rumbling through the parking lot even with stock exhaust. It attracted MANY female admirers. As for me and my house, I am mighty interested in Stage 2. I like the look, and it is probably not any louder than my modified 911.
That car is owed by the gentleman...

who own's Blue Goose. He purchased it out of a dealer up North after unsuccessfully attempting to bid on Overseas' first "extra" car. I think they will find several people looking elsewhere due to the way they handled the extra cars. They auctioned off their demo this weekend so there is nothing to drive there any longer.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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