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St. Louis Members, got exhaust?

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Curious if there are any members on here in the STL area that have exhausts on their car?

I have a BOE Silent touch, and wondering if anyone in the area has a larani or an arqray exhaust, or anything really. I'm curious to see how those sound in person, as I am thinking of switching up to try something new!
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I have a Larini SC - but was in St Louis yesterday and looters stole i! :)

Seriously, do you have a SC car? I think the Larini SC (center diffuser exit) is the best mix of loud, but no drone. Love it on my car.
BOE Rev250 kit with a rear panel eliminator. I'd rather a side exit. I hear lots of good things about the lariani, but haven't heard one in person. I'm really curious how it is just driving around town, not only just how it is WOT.
I have the Lotus Janspeed Stage 3 on my Sport 260. Loud but not as loud as my former Stage 2 I had on my 07 S. The car without the exhaust causes too much attention but the exhaust makes it completely unavoidable. There is video someone shot on the Comprehensive Exige 260 Registry. It is deeper sounding in person than the video suggests but you will get the idea.
There was another guy that was an Electrical engineer that had an elise with a 2bular exhaust. I thought that sounded good, but it really depends upon what you are looking for. Maybe in the spring there will be a few lotus car cruises in the area. Try to join one of those or check with Sam down at STL motorsports and wait till one comes into the shop for maintenance or inspections.
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