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Stage 2 exhaust question

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As I understand it, the Stage 2 exhaust exits from a single pipe. However, the rear diffuser is cut out for the dual pipes. Does anyone know if the Stage 2 is big enough that the entire area can be cut out for one big hole? Otherwise i think it will look kind of stupid to have a single pipe coming out of two holes. Anyone have pictures of a Stage 2 on the car? Here is the Stage 1 on the CO car so you can see what i mean.

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Chris said when he saw the stage 2 that the diffuser would need to be cut to accomodate the stage 2. I believe that there are two "nipples" in the diffuser opening that would need to be trimmed out to make it fit.
1FASTMX5 said:
Just how much louder if any is this stage 2
Word from Barber is that it's quite a bit louder than the stage 1. There is a video of the CO Elise w/ the Stage 1 coming down the straight at Barber where you can compare it to the standard cars. Stage 2 is kinda fugly, but I might get it for the Harley safety effect since I'm going w/ Grey.
according to Nick Adams when at HRM, if you like your neighbors, you probably wouldn't want to get stage 2:D
What JD says is correct. The diffuser does not have two holes for the factory exhaust but one big oblosng hole with a nipple(?) on each end. These would have to be trimmed to make sort of an oblong hole.

I can't remember if there were any cars fitted with stage 2?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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