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Robert Puertas said:
I'm a little concerned that this will make the Stage 2 illegal for Stock class, by the letter of the law. A bit stupid, for sure, and what kind of weenie would protest you?
I agree with your assessment. Trimming the undertray would technically be illegal. I certainly hope that nobody would protest you, but who knows? If you look back at the SS results from last year's Nationals (2nd plase 0.009s behind 1st, 3rd another 0.005s back), every little thing could matter. I'm personally of the opinion that the rules should be followed strictly. Once you start bending them, where do you stop?

One thing that many people don't seem to realize: Just because somebody protests you, and the PC finds that you did indeed violate a rule, doesn't mean that you need to get disqualified. The PC can uphold the protest, and then impose various levels of penalties. Disqualification is only one of the options. They can also reprimand you, and let the result stand.
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