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Stage III Exhaust???

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Eric-the-Bastard here with his first round of stupid questions...

I've decided to be cheap and get a used Elise (I was originally looking at a new SC). Seems to be a good selection of 2005s out there. I don't really care for mods, but it seems everybody has put some personal touch on their car.

I see a lot of ads listing Stage II exhaust and the one I'm looking at later tonight has a Stage III exhaust.

Do these refer to just muffler systems or manifold/header all the way back?
My experience has been that virtually any aftermarket solution offering improved HP usually results in an undesirable compromise in the torque curve and a naturally aspirated Elise seems to be on the ragged edge of that already.

Anything anybody can tell me about aftermarket exhaust systems in general for the Elise?

Sylmar, CA
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Stage II won't improve performance, but it's lighter than the stock exhaust by like 10 lbs.

YouTube - Lotus Elise Stage 2 Exhaust

I don't know much about the other exhausts, but there's a few: Von Hep, Larini, 2bular, etc.
Check out they have an exhaust selection with sound clips, etc.
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