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Stainless Hardtop Fasteners

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I am really unhappy with the quality of the material used for the hard top clunk bolts. I am going to make a set from SS bolts. If there is any interest I can turn down a few extras. If there is a lot of interest I can develop some tooling to make it a more economic job. These will be M8 cap head allen rather than torx.
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I'm always up for stainless! Be sure to check quality though. There's cheap stainless out there that will rust! -eek-
I am going with 18-8 from McMaster-Carr. They usually have pretty good quality. Of course I could go with ARP at about $4 per fastener...The only drawback with the ARP fasteners is that they are only available in flanged 10mm hex head rather than allen head. I prefer the esthetics of socket head rather than hex. What's your opinion?
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I will switch out the fasteners on the headliner trim panel as well, but those don't require any machining. They are simply M8x20mm. The clunk bolts are normally hidden, but whatever material they used just looks atrocious. It is so ugly I don't even want it hidden. It is probably the same material used on the wheel lugs. I have never seen such an unattractive metal.

I suspect that as I get into this car more I am going to be replacing a lot of fasteners for no other reason than to satisfy my OCD. I built my Super Stalker with nearly all AN fasteners.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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