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>>>Would this be a no to that Zaino stuff that everybody has been raving about? I was almost convinced to try it. <<<

I think they are referring to the hard conventional waxes such as collinite. Those are hard to rub in and then really hard to rub off. I've never actually come across them, they are pretty old school. Zaino should be's all just 3M material anyway so Sal Zaino can tell you what's up too. Or call/write 3M.

>>I find a clay bar very effective to clean off all kinds of "stuff" from the car that's almost impossible to remove otherwise. That's a big downside to the clear bra if I can't use it.<<

But clay can be used on the paint itself. Cleaning the surface of the film can be done without clay. I suspect they are concerned about catching an edge during the clay rubbing process. If so, then you may be able to clay if you stay away from the edges. But confirm that with 3M. The film has a flexible clear coat on it that sounds comparable to paint clear coat, but it's not the same stuff.

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