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Starshield 3M protectant problem white bubbles

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I bought my 2005 Elise new and had the Starshield protectant put on at the dealership before delivery. It was perfect for 9 years. 2 weeks ago I drove it in the rain for the first time ever. I was out of town and had no where to wash it so it sat with water drops in place. A few days later I noticed little white spots all along the rocker panels under the doors and only where the Starshield is in place. I just thought it needed washed. Once back home I washed the car thoroughly to find the white spots stayed and appear to be where the water drops soaked through the starshield and left a bubble. It's been two weeks and they are still there. Any suggestions? This only happened on the rocker panels / under doors between front and rear wheels and nowhere else.

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white spots

Acid rain + UV in sunlight + old starshield = white spots
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