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Starshield Opinion

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Visited Maplecrest in New Jersey today. They had their Chrome Orange Elise parked right out front and I was able to show a couple of my friends my color I picked.

I was waiting to see this car before I decided on the Starshield or not. Before seeing the car I was leaning towards passing on the protection. I am not planning on using it everyday. I am planning on being very careful to preserve the paint (I know it is very difficult) and finally the xpel product that I have seen on some friends with BMW's is very noticable. (I will even say cheap & crappy)

However, after seeing it...Holy crap its a good product. You have to really look to see the lines where the shield begins. I was trying to tell my three friends what I was looking for and they all agreed you have to really look for it. They couldn't even find it around the mirrors and lower portions, etc. The other threads on this board have made great points about the Elise being very difficult, if not impossible to keep pristine and clean. I was willing to accpet that and roll the dice. But there is no need.

Do yourself a favor and get the shield!
Just my opinion
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