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Starshield Question!

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Hey Guys,

I need a little help. The used exige s Im about to buy sustained some slight damage to the starshield in the front of the vehicle. Not a tear in the shield, but more like a crease (Im told). I have not taken delivery of the car yet, and the dealer is offering to replace the starshield with another brand of clearbra (not sure which one). He did say that the bra he would put on would be in several pieces and that it is not one piece.

I cannot view the car because it is out of state. Is the lotus starshield one piece on the front of the car? Should I have him replace it with another brand of clear-bra or should I accept delivery and have the lotus dealer in my area replace it with a genuine starshield? Really not sure what to do as I cant see the car and how noticeable it is in the first place. I appreciate any thoughts....:sad:
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If the dealer is going to redo the entire car in the other film, I personally wouldn't have a problem.
No, he is only going to do the front...
Nothing special about that brand, replacing it with a different brand of clear paint protection film should be fine, assuming quality film is used. However, I'm having a hard time imaging how the starshield could be creased without there being underlying body damage...
thanks for the advice. I fear exactly what you say, that there might be underlying body damage. I think I am going to have them replace it and be sure there is no body damage.

The Starshield that covers the front of the car is multiple pieces. I'm only talking about the protection forward of the doors and not including the side mirrors.

A fellow LT'r (Cory1000) had an aftermarket clear bra put on, but it didn't cover as well as the OEM Lotus one. He ended up with a sandblasted effect on the front of the car where it wasn't properly protected.

Proper coverage is critical on the Lotus, particularly on the front.

I would stick with the Lotus Starshield product. BTW, the Lotus shield has little "Lotus" logos molded into the plastic so you can tell it's the real thing.

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You can order up the coverage you need from me here and see what the kits look like. You can also select full front end coverage if you'd like more. Being in pieces doesn't sound right.
Without seeing what the dealer is talking about - I can say that my brand new 2009's star shield certainly isn't perfect - but then again neither were my others. In shade, under artificial light or at angles - there is a texture visible that is more noticable in some areas than others. In particular my front Star Sheild has wierd patches - one above the right blinker another near the left headlight that looks like what one might call creases underneath - I think it is just either poor application or the result of what backing paper was on it before application. It's difficult to take pictures of it otherwise I would. But it is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect the function. If I were to insist on fixing this - I would only want it replaced with actual Star Shield that Lotus uses. This is what you paid for on the car and what has the 9 year warranty.

Some other brands may be better - smoother, thicker - but they dont have the same warranty and don't always have the same coverage.
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Some other brands may be better - smoother, thicker - but they dont have the same warranty and don't always have the same coverage.
And some times they have more coverage, cost less, are easier to apply and have less "orange peel" as well. What was described above is common on the 3M film and is one of the reason I have switched from using it as much. 3M vinyl for the other stuff I do used to be the top of the line 10 years ago and now even the generics have passed them by- better life, gloss, ease of use, removal, etc etc etc

"StarShield" is a name brand like Kleenex is a name brand. They stamp their logo on 3M film. It is not hard at all to easily get equal or better quality. I still stay away from the generics like Armor, Venture, etc. I've had all of them in my hands and have tested all of them. There are several reasons I use what I use and all of the factors that influence that decision for me are because I believe it's greater quality. My cost certainly isn't any lower on the material so if I felt another product was better quality, that's what I'd use.

I'm sure I could be a starshield distributor if I wanted to. They are a virtually and insignificant player in the game, a re-brander that focused on very few oem supplied kits, and an extra middle man. There is nothing that makes their product outstanding and nothing you can't get a better product for less money without a smudge mark on it (the logo)
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Does anyone know the details of the Starshield warranty? I have an '07 with a very small tear on the left front fender from a hit by a peice of gravel... I'm wondering if a warranty includes such things as this. Or, is this just something I need to get used to as a fact of life w/ an Elise...?
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