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Without seeing what the dealer is talking about - I can say that my brand new 2009's star shield certainly isn't perfect - but then again neither were my others. In shade, under artificial light or at angles - there is a texture visible that is more noticable in some areas than others. In particular my front Star Sheild has wierd patches - one above the right blinker another near the left headlight that looks like what one might call creases underneath - I think it is just either poor application or the result of what backing paper was on it before application. It's difficult to take pictures of it otherwise I would. But it is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect the function. If I were to insist on fixing this - I would only want it replaced with actual Star Shield that Lotus uses. This is what you paid for on the car and what has the 9 year warranty.

Some other brands may be better - smoother, thicker - but they dont have the same warranty and don't always have the same coverage.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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