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`08 Elise-SC-220
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Ever since I've had my 2008 (just after Christmas time 2013), it has occasionally
not started on the first try. By this I mean, engine immobilizer disabled and flashing light out, ignition on in the second key position, fuel prime sequence ended, clutch depressed and...push START nothing.
Then it became worse.
I went around the block with this fearing some sophisticated problem with the engine immobilizer logic and the start circuit...but no.
I removed the two screws holding the dash piece containing the start switch and the headlight and parking light push-buttons and gently extended it from the dash. Of the four wires, the two inner most are for the lighted button circuit. The two outer connections are the switch. The ohmmeter told me what I needed to know, testing flaky right in circuit. I sprayed the entire start switch assembly with electronic parts cleaner as I worked the push-button vigorously.
My baby commences to crank and starts right up first time every time now!
I'm thinking the humid environment might be the culprit because the switch module is not a sealed unit.
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